Recipe : Chole / Chana Masala

Recipe : Chole / Chana Masala

Being a Bangalorean, we always prefer north Indian food whenever we visit restaurants as we don’t cook them home. We rarely go out for lunch or dinner as we prefer road side Pani Puri over anything else J .I always thought north Indian curries are hard to prepare, as lot of ingredients and spices goes into it. But I was wrong. Today I prepared chole or chana masala which my mom used to cook occasionally as my dad only loves south Indian cuisine. I surfed through various sites for its recipe. I not only found different methods and various tips for cooking it but also how easy and less time consuming its preparation takes. I combined few of them and share the recipe with you .My family loved it.


Chick peas/ chana – 2 cups (soaked overnight)

Tomatoes – 2

Onions -2

Green chilies – 3 to 4

Ginger garlic paste

Garam masala/ chana masala

Cumin seeds for seasoning

Turmeric powder for seasoning

Coriander leaves



Cook the soaked chana in a pressure cooker with little salt in it. Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds. As it crackles add turmeric powder, chopped onions and ginger garlic paste. Continue sautéing till onion changes its colour. Now adds chopped tomatoes to it. Close the lid of the pan till the tomatoes soften. Then add garam masala and salt as per taste. Sauté this till the raw smell of garam masala disappears. To this mixture, add the cooked chana. Mix it well and close the lid for 5-10 minutes so that the flavors of the mixture mix well with the chana. Garnish this with fresh coriander leaves and your chana masala is ready to serve. You can serve this with poori/ chapathi /rice J

Tip: If you want your chana masala to be dark brown in colour, then, while soaking chana overnight keep a tea bag in it

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