Understanding Yourself is the Sole Way to Success

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How well do you know yourself? Your true capabilities and the things under the sun that you can achieve.

Each and every one of us is unique in our own ways. I am sure you would’ve heard this a trillion times! It is true though, everybody is capable of doing great things, and achieving honors far greater than what we see ourselves doing in our lifetime.

Why are we not able to live up to our potential? What is holding us back?

The answer lies in knowing what we are in the core, behind the anger, lust, envy, compassion and love. The problem is that we often find out what we are capable of – from the feedback that other people give us. Be it managers at work or spouses at home. We base our achievements and capabilities based on this feedback. Have you ever considered that this feedback could be flawed?

People appraising you have their own baggage, biases, perceptions and considerations. You should not see yourself through their eyes. It is not your true self and you are definitely not truly represented by their thoughts.

What should you do? Know yourself, what else? The internal feedback that comes from the inside knows you like the back of your hand (literally). It’s been there, done that and has experienced the hidden capabilities within you. Talk to your inner self!

Wait, before you talk to your inner self, you need to listen to it first, ain’t that how it works? Yes, that is indeed how it works. To reiterate, to understand what you are capable of doing, and to rediscover your strengths listen to what your spirit has to tell you.

Can you try to do it for a week? I will catch up with you next week on the self help section on techniques of listening to your inner spirit. We can match our thoughts and synergize. Until then, happy listening!

Abhinav Krishna Kaiser is a published author. He works in the IT industry as a management consultant. He is a globe trotter, with his work taking him to newer places. He currently lives in Bangalore.

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