Recipe : Ice Cream Sundae

Recipe : Ice Cream Sundae

Everybody loves ice cream and when you combine it with fruits and nuts, you will create an ice cream sundae that is a winner which your family and friends will crave for more and more. The best part is sundaes have no specific recipe or a procedure. Ice creams, syrups, sauces, nuts, fruit, anything you like will make a perfect sundae. All it needs is your imagination as all other ingredients are limitless and purely your choice 🙂


Ingredients that I have used:

Vanilla Ice cream

Chocolate mousse

Fruits (pomegranate, apple, orange, papaya)

Nuts (raisins, cashews, almond)

Chocolate syrup

Chocolate sprinkles


Keep the glasses that you will serve your dessert in the freezer for 10 minutes. This will ensure that your ice cream or chocolate will not melt soon.

Now take the chocolate syrup (I took the syrup in a squeeze bottle, you can do this with a teaspoon too) and hold it to the bottom of the glass. Now spin the glass and squeeze the syrup simultaneously. This will create a chocolate spiral inside it.

I smeared the mouth of the glass in chocolate syrup and sprinkled chocolate sprinklers on it and refrigerated the glass for 5 minutes.

Now I added ice cream, chocolate mousse, some nuts and fruits and layered this again with ice cream and mousse. I added one more layer of this for my perfect sundae. 🙂

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