Digvijaya Blames Congress’ Failure on its Marketing Campaign

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Politicians are extremely smart with their words. They mask their failures and bring out inessential elements into the picture and blame it wholly for the failures. Especially Digvijaya Singh is perhaps the doyen at subverting topics and shifting blame.

In the latest, he has attributed Congress’ terrible years in office to the lack of marketing. He says that the party has launched a number of welfare schemes but they never spoke of it, and everything was done in the back channels. Yeah right! Newspapers wreathe of full page ads almost every time a new scheme is launched, even if it means as small as inaugurating a flyover. And they say that the marketing is to be blamed?

In the same vein, he shifts the marketing propaganda’s effectiveness to BJP. According to his hysterics, whenever BJP achieves something, it makes it look ten times bigger. I am surprised that he still is one of the Congress spokespersons and media actually cares to report on what he says.

If Congress wants to sound credible, they perhaps need to muffle the voice of Digvijaya and perhaps other vice presidents who don’t walk the talk.

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