Fruits Salad

Fruits Salad

Well I am in a mood of dieting these days. Don’t know how long this will last. As per diet rule thought of having something light on stomach and heavy on heart. I mean less in quantity and something refreshing yet should be fully satisfying. So thought of having just fruits as my dinner. This fruit salad I made was with a twist. Looked good and tasted good too. Confessing, I couldn’t finish it alone. Will try this when we have guests at home, but only as side salad and not as dinner πŸ™‚


Apple – 1

Orange – 1

Pomegranate – 1

Bananas – 2

Olive oil – 2 tsp

Honey – 2tsp

Water – 2 tsp

Salt – a pinch

Black pepper powder – a pinch

You can add as many varieties of fruit you want.


Firstly, take a pan with 2 tsp of olive oil. As the oil heats, spread the chopped bananas on the pan. Keep the flame low. Now flip the bananas and roast them light on the other side too. In a bowl take 2 tsp of honey and add 2 tsp of water to it and dissolve the honey completely. Pour this honey water mixture on the bananas after you switch off the flame. And rest it for 2 mins.fruits salad 2

Now take half of the peeled pomegranate, keep aside and blend the remaining pomegranate in your mixer. Strain this, to remove its seeds and keep the juice aside.

Cut the apples (and the fruits of your choice), and peel and break the oranges. To this add the remaining pomegranate. Add a bit of salt and black pepper powder to it. And toss the fruits.

Arrange the chopped fruits in the center of your serving plate. Circle the bananas around them and pour the pomegranate juice on top.

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