Uber Introduces Family Profiles; You Can Pay for Other’s Rides

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It is common in India that the person requesting the cab may not always be paying for it, or have the means to it. Like say your wife is going to the mall, and she does not own a card of her own, and doesn’t wish to use cash.

The current Uber app restricts sharing in terms of payments, and we are allowed to pay for ourselves only, and the same card cannot not be used across multiple Uber accounts.

The family profile feature is being piloted in a few locations in the US, and will get rolled out worldwide after its deemed success.

The family feature doesn’t necessarily mean that it is restricted to family members, but anybody who the Uber account holder wishes to add. The maximum number of family members/friends who can be added is restricted to 10.

On the Uber app, go to settings -> add a family profile, and add all the contacts who you wish to associate as family.


After they are added, the people you have chosen can request rides from their own phone using the Family Profile as their payment method.

The person making the payment will receive the payment receipts.


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