Driving on M1 is such a Pleasure

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I have been driving across England for about ten months now. I have mainly traveled south and west of London. I have driven to southern cities like Brighton, Rye and Bournemouth, and western towards Cotswold.

There is not much to the east and I drove to York this Christmas in my 2006 Skoda Fabia. For starters, I was not certain if my car would pull it so far – around 350 kilometers, and about four hours of driving. Well it did, which is a big joy.

I drove two thirds of my journey on M1 motorway – my first time. I was so pleasantly surprised to find services every few miles. This in contrast with driving on M4, M3 or M23 where you hardly find any service areas.

I dropped by a couple of service areas and they were simply awesome. Clean toilets, a good range of restaurants and cafes and some grocery options as well were available. You feel like home when you come across a Waitrose or a M&S in the middle of nowhere. And a Harvester will just add to the overall fun.

The only downside of traveling on M1 is the cost of petrol. While in cities the price hovers around £1.20, on M1 it was at around £1.45 which is simply obnoxious. But I don’t this to take away this negative side against having lots of good rest and food along the highway.

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