FAQs on Covid-19 Vaccine: All Your Questions Answered

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The most comprehensive set of details on the Indian vaccination programme!

Here are the most frequently asked questions on the covid-19 vaccine program in India.

Updated on 24th Jan, 2021

Is it mandatory for all citizens to get the vaccine jab?

No. It is completely voluntary. Every citizen/resident has a choice to either opt for vaccination or not.

Do I need to register for the covid-19 vaccine?

Yes. You are required to register using the CoWIN (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network) app.

Where should I download the CoWIN app?

The CoWIN app is currently unavailable for public download yet. It is currently being used by the vaccinators and the administration for backend activities such as supply and demand management only.

When will CoWIN be available?

The application is being tested and once the user testing is completed, it will be rolled out to general public.

Is the vaccine rationed?

Currently, there will be a registration process where the vaccines will be prioritized. Yes, there is a rationing system in place as supply is low and demand is high. The expectation is that the vaccine is available over the open market in about 6 months.

Which are the vaccines that the government has approved?

The government has approved the emergency use of Covishield (Oxford-Astrazeneca) and Covaxin (Bharat Biotech).

What about Pfizer and Moderna vaccines?

Pfizer vaccine has not been approved as they have not conducted level 3 trials in India.

Moderna has not applied for an approval from the Indian government yet. Not sure if they are going to do it.

How many vaccine jabs do I need to get for maximum efficacy?

For both the vaccines, there are two shots that is recommended. A gap of 28 days is preferred for maximum efficacy.

What happens after registration?

When your turn arrives, you will be informed either by a SMS or an email regarding the time and place for the vaccine shots. A QR code will be sent as well.

What documents do I need to upload or produce during registration and vaccination?

Documents such as driving licence, health insurance, smart card issued by the Ministry of Labour, MNREGA guarantee card, MNREGA job card, official identity card issued by MPs, MLAs, PAN card, passbook of bank or post office, passport, pension documents, service identity card issued to employees by central/state government or public limited companies, and Voter ID cards can be used for registration.

Can I leave the vaccination site after getting the jab?

It is recommended that you rest in the vaccination site for at least 30 minutes. If you feel any discomfort, you need to inform the volunteers.

Is the vaccination safe for me?

Both the vaccines have either passed the level 3 tests or is undergoing level 3 tests satisfactorily. The vaccines are absolutely safe.

Is Covaxin safe?

Lancet study has found Covaxin to be safe. They assure that the vaccine is safe and the public shouldn’t worry about its safety.

What does a vaccine safe like water mean?

Disregard the statement made by Adar Poonawalla pertaining to Covaxin. The statement is regrettable.

Indian opposition parties say that the vaccine is not safe. Is it true?

Unfortunately the Indian opposition parties are playing politics with the life saving vaccine. The opinions are biased and regrettable.

Should a person who has recovered from covid-19 get the vaccine?

There are no proofs available that suggests that a person would not be reinfected by the corona virus. It is recommended that everybody gets the vaccine including the recovered persons.

Should a person suffering from covid-19 get the vaccine?

The person must self isolate and stay away from the vaccine sites to ensure that the virus does not spread at the vaccine site.

Should people with co-morbidities get the vaccine?

It is highly recommended people suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and other co-morbidities get the vaccine and are prioritized over the general population.

Are there any side effects to expect from the vaccine?

All vaccines come with side effects but they are minor in nature. You might get fever, body aches and headaches during the initial 24 hours after getting the jab. Nothing to worry!

How long does it take for anti-bodies to develop after the jab?

It takes 2 weeks for anti-bodies to develop. It is possible that you might get infected between the two jabs and before completion of 14 days after the second jab.

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