Saturday, February 16, 2019

About Indian Critic

Indian Critic is about all things to do with India. It is a space on the web to encourage collaboration between Indians, to build on a nation stronger than any other.

India was a great nation, an envy of the west and other south east Asian countries. The truth is that we are fading away in the history, mainly because of politics, corruption and unethical behavior. It is time to change, let the change begin with one thought at a time. Indian Critic intends to inject new thoughts and bring the best out of every individual.

If you wish to be a part of this transformation journey, do let us know and we will start the process to induct you into the movement. That said, we do not want to restrict our creativity in a single direction. We need to develop all round, we need to think from all angles, including topics that matter to us – like food, entertainment and sports among others.

Contributors to Indian Critic

Abhinav Kaiser

abhinav-kaiserAbhinav Kaiser is an eleven year veteran in the IT industry and a writer since 2004. He lives in Bangalore and writes on a number of topics such as technology, IT industry, travel, self-help, politics, sports and reviews. He is currently authoring a business book which is scheduled to be published by the end of 2013. Abhinav believes that positive changes in India must begin with the governance of the nation, which must look after the needs of the nation before securing elected positions and the welfare of their families. He roots for leaders who can – not only express their views but reflect on the views of the public. The days of non-cooperation, silence and non-violence is done and dusted, leaders must adapt to the present day situation – tough and goal oriented.

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