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Batman v Superman Trailer 11 Minute Combo – Must See

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Batman vs Superman is the most awaited movie of the year, and the trailers keep getting better. Probably, there is far too much revealed in the plot. Avengers: Age of Ultron suffered from having showing off to much in the trailers, and the movie came out to be a dud in comparison. I sincerely hope that S v B does not suffer from the same predicament.

To me, it looks like Batman takes an exception for superman’s indulgence in the safety of the city. He is retired, and turns back into super life as Batman yet again. He is lazy to start with, but gets better as gets acclimatized. Keep Reading

Grand Masti’s Hilarity Kills Youth in Mumbai

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Grand Masti, the Hindi adult comedy movie starring Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh and Adnan Shivdasani had the thrills and chills to amuse the adult crowd. Apparently, it had so much more to offer that a youth in Mumbai succumbed to it.

Mangesh Bhogal, a twenty two year old youth went to watch a 6PM show with his girlfriend at a local multiplex. Girlfriend by his side, slimy jokes from the trio and an ample showcasing of cleavages were a perfect match. But, as it turns out, the laugh riot was intense enough that Bhogal laughed his way to death.

His girlfriend confirmed that he was laughing uncontrollably at all the pervert jokes, and was enjoying every minute of it. Who says laughter is good, and laughter clubs are the way to long life? Think again!

Mangesh suffered a massive heart attack and was dead before he could reach the hospital. Alas, the movie has claimed a life, the hypocrites might say.

The death of this youth can turn wonders for the movie production unit. The amount of guaranteed laughter will bring in crowds, presumably those with a stronger heart than our martyr.

Perhaps a warning sign should be projected before the movie starts, asking weak heart-ed adults to note the risk.

I also wonder if the family of the fallen would file a case in court against the producer, director and the actors. Anything is possible in India. The smell of money can open up new avenues for suing people.

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