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My daughter’s latest favorite are the garlic breads from dominos. Yeah who doesn’t love it! She asked me for some of them yesterday night and of course you cant just order the garlic bread. So my all time rescuer Google was again there to help me. I looked in for some recipes for making the bread, got all the ingredients and decided to make them at home. Keep Reading

Aloo Methi Curry

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aloo methi 1

Aloo Methi curry is a popular north Indian side dish. Aloo in any form are kids’ favorite and Methi which I call the wonder herb, has great medicinal values. Well combination of these two will only be healthy. I heard of this recipe on a cooking show and as it was easy to prepare, I didn’t hesitate a moment to try it out. Keep Reading

Strawberry Apple Lime Juice

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You need to have good immune to escape the effects of any weather. The recipe I share today is rich in vitamin C and has great antioxidant capacity. This juice recipe is not only refreshing but also highly nutritious. Strawberry and lime put together is a powerful immune booster. And apple added to it gives the sweetness required. Include this in your diet to enjoy the weather without any hitch :) Keep Reading

Recipe : Veg Hot Dog Roll

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veg hot dog

Vegetarian hot dog roll can be made for breakfast/ lunch/dinner or house parties. They never fail to impress you or your guests. In today’s health conscious world, these rolls can be eaten guilt free. They are not only healthy but surely will satisfy your taste buds. This recipe is a winner among adults and kids. It is a delight for vegetarians as it’s juicy, spicy, cheesy and definitely yummmmy. Keep Reading

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