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Recipe : Carrot Halwa

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I had my friends visiting home the previous day and it’s kinda pact that the host prepares a snack and a sweet dish for the guests. Snack dish! Yes it was easy for me to decide. But thinking of sweet dish made me panic as I had less time for my preparation. I opened the fridge to see what all was in store and I found lots of carrots and a can of condensed milk. And Ting!! Bulb on:-). For people like me who rarely makes sweets (yeah diet it is!!) carrot halwa was a rescuer. I have used condensed milk in this recipe but surely you can avoid it, it’s optional. My friends loved the carrot halwa and so did my family. Keep Reading

Recipe : Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

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This irresistible vegetable pie surely will take longer time to prepare but the end result will be just yum. I love British style recipes and being vegetarian, had to replace many ingredients you usually find in a shepherd pie. This recipe has plenty of veggies and though preparation takes a long time, but the procedure is simple enough. If your refrigerator is stocked with a lot of vegetables and if you are in a mood to bake, then do try this recipe. I have not used much spices in this recipe but surely you can modify it and suit your taste buds. Keep Reading

Recipe : Ice Cream Sundae

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Everybody loves ice cream and when you combine it with fruits and nuts, you will create an ice cream sundae that is a winner which your family and friends will crave for more and more. The best part is sundaes have no specific recipe or a procedure. Ice creams, syrups, sauces, nuts, fruit, anything you like will make a perfect sundae. All it needs is your imagination as all other ingredients are limitless and purely your choice 🙂 Keep Reading

Recipe : Moong Dal Curry

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Moong dal Curry / Whole Green Gram dal is a healthy and protein rich side dish for your rotis or rice. I make it often for its health quotient and mainly because you need not soak the dal for this dish. This recipe may hardly take 15 minutes of your time and kids love this dish as its low on spices. Keep Reading

Recipe : Kaju Katli / Kaju Barfi

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It’s Diwali time, the biggest festival in India, and the sound of festivals dishes out plenty of sweets. Call it a coincidence, my dad, my daughter and I love Kaju Katli and it is our favorite one. You could say that Kaju Katli runs in our genes:-). For the record, my daughter doesn’t like any other sweet. Every time I bring them from sweet shop, she finishes them in the blink of an eye. So this Diwali I thought of making Kaju Katli and make her Diwali even more special. I never imagined that the recipe be this simple, else would have tried a lot earlier. This recipe is rich, delicious and more importantly easy to prepare, which gives you more time for the rest of Diwali preparations. Keep Reading

Recipe : Baby Corn Manchurian

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I am a big fan of Indo Chinese cuisine, and baby corn Manchurian is one of my favourite appetizers. This dish is a union of various tastes – sweet, sour and spice. Moreover, it is chewy and tender which is how Manchurian must be.

Baby Corn Manchurian gets my nod ahead of Gobi Manchurian which is far more popular than the former. But it is a hassle to clean gobi which takes more time than making the Manchurian dish. You can also serve the baby corn Manchurian with steamed rice or noodles. Keep Reading

Recipe : Vada Pav

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Today’s recipe is the famous Mumbai Vada Pav. My parents stayed in Mumbai for a few years, this is when I had my first vada pav. I couldn’t stop myself from eating two more. I still remember the exact taste, yumm it was. Here in Bangalore you get Goli vada pav almost in every area, though they too taste awesome but nobody can replicate the Mumbai vada pav taste. I always wanted to try making them at home but just the thought of deep frying vadas scared me. Then today I just thought of an alternative method of making them, this is when I found out that vadas can be roasted instead of deep frying. You can gorge on this low fat vada pav as much as you want without any guilt.


Burger buns / Pav – 6

Boiled Potatoes – 3 medium sized

Ginger garlic paste – 1tsp

Green chili paste – 1 and a Half tsp

Coriander leaves – 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds- Half tsp

Cumin seeds – Half tsp

Turmeric powder – Half tsp

Lemon – 1 medium sized




Besan flour – 1/4 Cup

Chili powder – Half tsp


Garlic chutney

Chopped Garlic – 2 tbsp

Grated dry coconut – Half cup

Chili powder – 1 tbspvada pav 1


Sweet chutney (optional)

Green chutney (optional)


Garlic Chutney:

Grind all the ingredients together in the mixer without adding water.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with enough water. The consistency of the batter should be like the batter we prepare for bajjis.


In a bowl add mashed boiled potatoes, ginger garlic paste, green chili paste, Coriander leaves, lemon juice and salt, mix well. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan .When hot add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder. Now add the potato mixture to pan and mix. When this mixture cools completely, make small flat rounds and keep aside. Heat a nonstick pan and spread a teaspoon of oil on it. Now dip the potato rounds in the batter and place them on the pan. Cover it and let it cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Now turn the vada upside down, cover it and cook for another 3 to 4 minutes until golden brown.

Vada Pav:

Slit the bun into two pieces. See to it that one end of the buns are connected to each other. Apply garlic chutney on one side of the bun. I like sweet chutney and bit of green chutney too, so I use both these chutneys on the other side. Place the vada inbetween the pav / bun and your yummy yumm vada pav is ready 🙂



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