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Opinion: Mallya is No Son of Soil

Deve Gowda, who served as the prime minister of India for less than a year in the previous century has come out in defence of beleaguered businessman Vijay Mallya. The former PM said that mistakes do happen, and Mallya is not somebody who would abscond as he is the son of soil. He was quoting… Keep Reading

Food and Recipes

Hara Bara Kebab

Green colour is always soothing to the eyes. Be it nature or food. Peaceful it is. True to its name, this dish hara bara kebab is so green and nutritious as well. With the goodness of spinach, peas and potatoes, these kebabs are a big hit with kids and adults.  Keep Reading

Food and Recipes

Vegetable Paratha

I love making parathas. Firstly I find them easy and quick to make, good for health too and there’s no mess around when my daughter eats them. So it’s just plus points for me. As I had many vegetables at home so thought of making mix veg paratha.  Keep Reading

Food and Recipes

Fruits Salad

Well I am in a mood of dieting these days. Don’t know how long this will last. As per diet rule thought of having something light on stomach and heavy on heart. I mean less in quantity and something refreshing yet should be fully satisfying. So thought of having just fruits as my dinner. Keep Reading

Food and Recipes


My daughter’s latest favorite are the garlic breads from dominos. Yeah who doesn’t love it! She asked me for some of them yesterday night and of course you cant just order the garlic bread. So my all time rescuer Google was again there to help me. I looked in for some recipes for making the… Keep Reading

Food and Recipes

Aloo Methi Curry

Aloo Methi curry is a popular north Indian side dish. Aloo in any form are kids’ favorite and Methi which I call the wonder herb, has great medicinal values. Well combination of these two will only be healthy. I heard of this recipe on a cooking show and as it was easy to prepare, I… Keep Reading

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