Global Left Liberati’s Grand Design Exposed by Greta Thunberg

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The day started with Rihanna’s tweet on the Indian farmer protest. She supported the farmer protest, asking why nobody is talking about them?

Indians were confused. They scrambled to check what had changed since they were last awake for somebody like Rihanna to post on something as trivial as the farmer protests.

While the Indian opposition led by the Congress celebrated the idea of Rihanna and put her up on the pedestal, hoping that someday she would succeed Sonia Gandhi to take over the Congress president, there were a barrage of tweets from global celebrities. All made news but none like Greta Thunberg.

Greta’s tweet was a highlight not because of who she is but due to a faux pas.

Instead of parroting what she was supposed to tweet, she had attached the documents that were sent to her in the tweet. It was on twitter momentarily and then she immediately deleted it. The documents were already in circulation.

The document lays out a neatly worded plan to attack India and its government. And it is clear as day that the left liberals have combined their efforts into maligning India. The presence of Ambani and Adani also wreaks of Congress’ hand in maligning India’s name.

There are news reports that have pinned billionaire George Soros as the sponsor and the invisible hand behind this move. His hatred towards Modi and the RSS is well known and the latest attack using a Nobel Peace Prize wannabe-winner is not surprising.

In the celebrity circles, every tweet that is put out costs a certain sum. For something that is as big as this, imagine the money that would have been doled out.

Nevertheless, the silver lining is that the common and celeb Indians rallied behind India and its democratically elected government. The move to engage global left celebs has backfired and has riled an emotional India to put their weight behind the government to deal with the Punjab farmers in a rightful way.

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