Le Meridien in Bangalore Cheats Party Revelers on New Year Eve

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Le Meridien has hit low depths on the 2014 NYE party. The much advertised Arabian Nights, organized with Chromosome Networks was mired with not keeping up to commitments as promised during the ticket sale.

For starters, the party organizers promised free pick up and drop and none of the ticket holders got picked up. When they started calling the offices, cell phones were turned off and calls ignored.

The hotel had advertised that every ticket holder would get a gift voucher worth Rs.5000 during the party. Later when asked during the party, they feigned ignorance having made such a promise.

The advertisements read belly dancing, fashion show among other entertainment factors. They had a 40+ year old lady dance (not the belly kind) for ten minutes and that was the end of entertainment. But, none of them were delivered. Many party goers had to stay on empty stomachs when dinner ran out at 10PM.


Later in the night, many party revelers stood up against the management but to their dismay, organizers fled and hotel management turned a cold shoulder saying there is nothing they could do. Fights erupted when party revelers started destroying the property but police’s swift action prevented untoward incidents.

Le Meridien, by virtue of its 5 star status had collected Rs.5000 for a couple and Rs.3000 for stags. They collected money and put a tag around the wrists for some 500 party goers without issuing a ticket.

Many were stranded in the night without a transport to get back homes and the hotel staff shut shop and were absent from the scene. The police did not want to intervene either.

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  1. 31st Dec 2013, Venue – Le Meridien, Bangalore, Organised by Chromosome Networks.

    This was the worst new year of my life. Chromosome Networks is a fraud event management firm. Please do not ever attend any party organised by Chromosome Networks. It a complete fake.
    They had promised free pick and drop cab services but did not deliver.. Had no courtesy to even inform us so that we could prebook our cabs. Obviously their intention was to cheat. No wonder they din’t answer our calls when we tried contacting them for our cabs.
    They had also promised free gift vouchers worth Rs.5000 but didn’t give those as well.

    When we reached the venue ( by ourselves, driving in the bad city traffic and almost about to get an accident, tired of cribbing and cursing these bloody event organisers) , there was a huge crowd near the tickets counter. We got the tickets with a lot of difficulty.
    When we entered the building, there was another huge crowd near the counter which was issuing the bands. We got our bands after waiting in line for another 10-15 minutes.

    My question to these rogues/cheats (Chromosome Networks) is – When you very well know the capacity of your hall, why do u issue tickets beyond that?

    When we went to the drinks section, people were struggling to get their drinks, pushing and pulling each other. By this time, my husband lost all his patience and was so furious that he just wanted to leave the venue, without having the so-called ‘lavish’ dinner.

    The guys (waiters) who came in with trays filled with starters were met with people pouncing on the very average tasting starters from all corners.

    Such a crowded place. Resembled a fish market. I would have been better off staying at home with family and watching those new year programs on TV.

    We left without having dinner as there was a another big queue of people near the ‘lavish’ food spread at the poolside.

    The event details also mentioned ‘fire jugglers’, ‘fashion show’ etc but we did not see any of these.

    This was one of the worst experiences of my life. I would never recommend such parties to anyone. Its just a waste of time, money and energy. A big regret.

    1. Hello even I went through the same..but I got a call saying tht they would refund.if so what is the mail I have to contact

  2. This was the worst party I have ever been to in my life. I too was promised free pickup and drop by these buggers but the organizers had put their cellphones on call forwarding from 31st evening onwards. We tried to reach them repeatedly for one hour but finally decided to go by our own car as our calls were unanswered. At the venue their were big queues for everything (valet parking, registration, drinks, food). Finding snacks was like going on a treasure hunt (and if you did found a waiter with some leftovers you had better hurry and eat what you could). At the food counters there were long queues and it was a scene right out of a refugee camp. First there was a long wait as there were no plates. Once we got the plates we had to search for chicken, fish & paneer in the gravies. We never managed to get seating and I am pretty sure that was the case for 75% of the public. Please make sure that you stay away from these crooks called Chromozome Networks. I am going to stay away from Le Meridien. I can understand that Chromozome Networks is nothing but a bunch of thieves but I had expected better from Le Meridien.

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