Restaurant Review : Eurasia, Jayanagar, Bangalore

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Eurasia a subsidiary of Little Italy chain and serve Italian and Mexican mainly, and have a couple of Mongolian dishes as well. For the majority of Bangalore crowd who enjoy vegetarian food, this place is apt.

On 14th February, 2013, I paid a visit to the restaurant with my family in the evening. The evening turned gloom within minutes, getting a sad taste of the pathetic service the restaurant had to offer. The first twenty minutes, nobody came asking on what we wanted to take, and did not have the courtesy to ask what kind of water we wanted.

The restaurant staff never bothered to give us silverware, expecting us to eat with our bare hands.

I am Mr. Not-Cool when it comes to horrible customer service. I asked the manager out and gave a piece of my mind. Within seconds, every single waiter in the restaurant wanted to serve me, forgetting to fill the water cups of people sitting across the neighboring tables.

We had Passato Di Verdura (vegetable soup) to start with it. It was decent, nothing great, nothing Italian about it.

Later we had an assortment of garlic breads called as Crostini Asortiti. This dish was interesting, and I like a couple of varieties more than the others.

The main course was Pasta Al Sole Di Sicilia with penne pasta. The sauce was tomato based and it tasted good. It was seasoned well, and had plenty of cheese to go along with it.

We ended the evening with Chocolate Bomb which was the star of the evening – perhaps the only dish that is worth mentioning. The manager served a complimentary mango cheese cake to make up for the earlier misdemeanors. The cheese cake was not what I expected it to be. I have had some average cheese cakes and this one sadly didn’t come close.

Eurasia in Jayanagar, Bangalore is a restaurant that can be avoided. If you did, you would be missing nothing, instead, you can save some bucks. Talking about money, the food we bought cost us an excess of Rs.1100 which is expensive for Jayanagar standards.



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