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Batman v Superman Trailer 11 Minute Combo – Must See

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Batman vs Superman is the most awaited movie of the year, and the trailers keep getting better. Probably, there is far too much revealed in the plot. Avengers: Age of Ultron suffered from having showing off to much in the trailers, and the movie came out to be a dud in comparison. I sincerely hope that S v B does not suffer from the same predicament.

To me, it looks like Batman takes an exception for superman’s indulgence in the safety of the city. He is retired, and turns back into super life as Batman yet again. He is lazy to start with, but gets better as gets acclimatized.

Superman and Batman go against each other. Superman trumps the bat, and the bat gets back with krypton at his side. A common enemy emerges, and it looks like they get together to defeat this super villain. And, there is the wonder woman as well. Not sure why she is in, considering we are already at an overload of superheroes.

Watch the 11-minute combo, which gives you all the story plots.

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